Body Painting

Face Painting





"Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible"
- Paul Klee


"Together we'll watch the earth rise", newest painting by Artist Rebecca Rose
- dedicated to all the seekers, dreamers and believers ...


"Language of Love" by Rebecca Rose



"China Magic" by Rebecca Rose



"The Space Between Us" by Artist Rebecca Rose



'Kangaroo Daydreams', 3' x 4'



SOLD 'Meet me under the rose tree' & 'Tree of love', each 12" x 12"






"Meet me at the Park Bench" by Rebecca Rose



"Music is the food of love" by Rebecca Rose




'Pittsburgh in Blue' Acrylic, 16" x 5' by Rebecca Rosee



SOLD Acrylic, 22" x 6'


 SOLD "St. Patty's Day in Pittsburgh" by Rebecca Rose



 SOLD 'Green Friends', Acrylic, 1' x 2'


SOLD  'Paris', Acrylic, 1' x 4'


SOLD  'Jazzed', Acrylic on four panels



'Love in The Community', Acrylic, 1' x 4'


'Underground Railroad', Acrylic, 4 Panels, Each Panel 1' x 2'

'Changes', 2' x 3', Acrylic



'New Beginnings', 1' x 4', Acrylic


Contact Information:
Email: rrosepaintings@yahoo.com

Phone: 724-431-6300